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This is MY story after being DUMPED by the
man I fell in love with (John...aka...0aky Wood) & whom I THOUGHT loved me! .

Angelgirl's Story 
Hi ..My name is Angelgirl 
I'm 56 and live in Nottinghamshire, with my 15yr old daughter Amy
I have been with my boyfriend for 7yrs he told me he loved me & couldn't live without me, that his heart was so full of me 
We seemed alright at the start then this past 2yrs he started acting strange with me finding fault with everything and wanting to argue all the time, he would then walk out on me whenever he felt like it, and it was always over something petty.
I would try to make up with him by writing letters, and phoning which he ignored 
A few times I would call at his house just to have the door slammed in my face,
he could keep this up for weeks just ignoring me ,until eventually after a lot of self blame for everything & apologies to him, 
even when I'd done nothing wrong, we would get back together
but this time we haven't done...we have been apart for 8 months now....and 
he has now found someone in America, which is better for him as he doesn't seem to cope to well with the emotional, and physical side of a relationship, 
However, on the net he can switch off from it when he's had enough 
and as no one really knows him personally ,there is no harm done.
As for me, I was with John all those years, he meant the world to me & I loved him dearly, 
He has broken my heart, yet he seems to be unmoved by the hurt he's caused me
 and the mental & physical illness I'm going through now as a result of the way he's treated me. 
Though I think he's met his match with this American woman??
she seems quite controlling & bossy, which is something he used to accuse me of,
but as I said before, he can just switch off anytime from her.
He will never fully understand the heartache I'm going through, or even care, because he's now content with the life he has chosen!
All this has left me with no confidence, my self esteem is nil,
he has destroyed me in every way.

I really thought we had something special
How wrong I was to trust him.

 Angelgirl  (aka Angie)

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