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A Woman

Never underestimate me 
Never doubt that I can accomplish what I say I will do 
Never think I am not smart, intelligent or witty 
I am all of these things 
I am a WOMAN. 

Do not think I have nothing to contribute to this world 
I will contribute more than some do in a lifetime 
Do not think I am someone to be discarded with age 
I will with age be witty, smart and have wisdom 
I am a WOMAN. 

Never try to tell me this is a "man's world" 
Women have contributed to this world for centuries 
In life, in death, in famines and war 
I will give of myself - my life and my love 
I am a WOMAN. 

Do not tell me I am worthless to society 
Because I am divorced,  and alone 
Women alone can accomplish much in their solitude 
Finding out who they are-or what they can become 
I am a WOMAN. 

Do not pity me for the wrinkles of time 
For time has given these for being a survivor 
A womans' true beauty lives inside the heart 
You cannot judge me by age-for true beauty is ageless 
I am a WOMAN. 

Never tell me what I can and cannot do 
Because I'm no longer young-doesn't mean I am worthless 
A womans' determination can make her soar to new heights 
A woman with determination can conquer all fear 
I am a WOMAN. 

Do not tell me I'm not sexy or appealing with age 
For with age I have learned I'm as sexy as anyone 
A womans' grace and self-confidence gives sex appeal 
I have learned what sexy is and what it is not 
I am a WOMAN. 

Never underestimate what I can do or become- 

You may just be surprised.. 

I am proud to be a 

~~ Angie ~~2007

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