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Be Careful!

The figures speak for themselves
All these people believing they can
get rich online, selling this 'n' that!
including info on different subjects, which most of them
have Acquired from someone else anyway, and expecting large profit from it,
seeing their PC as a money making machine, and the bottom line is ,how many people can we con today 
and how many are willing to part with their cash, just to get nothing in return for it, but these people at the head of these so called get rich schemes know that there are a lot of gullible
people out there, that ARE prepared to send them money, and these con merchants no exactly what to say & do to get you interested. 
I read someone's posting on a weblog  It read, they must be wealthy, they have their own web domain so they can afford it.
The truth is that no one can afford to be coned, and they don't deserve to be either 
There are just greedy, selfish people out there who will stop at nothing to get what they want ,even if it means coning others to achieve this.
So please be careful before parting with your money. 


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