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Dreams Come True 

If I could have my dreams come true
These are the things I'd like to do.
To have a cabin deep in the woods,
And someone to share both the bad and the good.

We'd lie by the fireplace
,forever it seems,
And share with each other our future of dreams.
As we tire of talking,
we'd snuggle up close,
These are the times, I'd cherish the most.

The times when I feel so close to someone,
Who gives me such pleasure and so much fun.
Who isn't afraid of what the future may bring,
And share so much love, that our hearts sing.

Sometimes I wonder will my dreams come true?
And I ask myself, could it be with you?
I don't have the answer, at least not to share,
I'm afraid if I share them, you wouldn't care.

So, until the time comes, when the timing is right,
I'll cherish our time everyday and night.
And if in the future, our dreams become one,
Then I'll know that my dreams has only begun.

To have you beside me, through the rough seas and good,
I know we'd make magic, I'm sure that we could.
For you are my soul mate, I believe in my heart,
And to get to our dreams, we must first make a start.

So, please take my hand, and don't be afraid,
I believe that together, our cabin will be made.
I'll never doubt my feelings for you,
And if you return them, all our dreams can come true.


©John Mangalindan

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