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Element Of Mistrust

We've all been there,  we have
met someone whom we look upon as a friend ,but there
has been that certain element of mistrust, that someone who claims
to be a (do-gooder?) or in other words an interfering busybody, you know the sort, a pretence of caring, but always looking out for number one,
If a good turn is done, the whole world has to know about it, as they gossip to others, whether it be someone in the street, or a chat line.. etc
and there is always something in it for them, in other words they use people for their own gratification, and then have the nerve to refer to themselves, as a good friend, which we know is not so, as there idea of friendship is to  cast you one side once you have served your purpose, or when they are bored with you, and are of no more use to them, then move on to their next victim.
Oh! they can appear to be kind, considerate, loving etc, but don't be fooled, 
they have to get you on side somehow, & then you see their true colours.
This is not how a true friend should act, to offer a hand of friendship,  should mean exactly that, being there for someone, and vice versa ,not just when it suits THEM, or when  they have got nothing better to do, as a true friend you are there for each other, through good times and bad, but some people just don't deserve friendships with anyone, as they do not no how to behave, or even understand the true meaning of friendship,
 and once they are seen for what they are, then others will distance themselves from it, as they are not worth the effort.
You can't call a one sided friendship, a friendship at all, it is known as being used, but the moment anyone treats them this way, then you're the bad guy, and they can't understand what they have done to deserve it, so at the end of the day,  they will never appreciate anyone who truely cares, and is a genuine friend, and not just out for what they can get.  
The bottom line is what goes round, comes round, and one day they will get their just rewards,  one day it will happen, TRUST ME! 
and always remember, God doesn't pay his debts in money


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