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If I had known

If I had known about the future
I wouldn't have wasted the past
The things I could do back then
Would have been made to last.

If I had known about goodbye
I would have said more hellos.
The precious moments that we had
Were something that I'd have chose.

If I had known about the pain
I would have used my mind.
My eyes would have been opened
And I wouldn't have been so blind.

I still don't know about the future
But I will learn from my past.
The special moments that I find
Will now be made to last.

Each friend that comes my way
Will get a friendly hello.
And a smile will be passed
To those I do not know.

Those in pain I'll help comfort
When I see them every day
The pain I've had in the past
Will be a beacon in a way.

I don't know why things happen
But I am doing the best that I can
All of our joys and our trials
Are part of God's infinite plan.

Sharon Straka

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