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Internet Match

Welcome to the world of Internet online dating and cyber romance. Over the last five years, Internet-based dating has gained in popularity as a medium to meet romantic partners. Whatís behind the phenomenal growth of online love affairs? 

Only Desperate People Do It!?

Who uses the Internet as a tool for matchmaking? People of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds, although you can bet that most people with their own computers and Web access have higher-than-average income and education. Busy single professionals acknowledge having few opportunities to meet other available bachelors and bachelorettes outside the nightclub "meat market" environment. 

When asked: "What are your thoughts on meeting someone you've been chatting with online? I'm a mature, intelligent woman in my 30s who is single and looking for new ways to meet single men
Just about everyone seems decent on the other side of a keyboard! I believe the Internet, if used effectively, can be a great tool for screening out the freaks, weirdoes, neurotics and game players, and screening in people that live in your general vicinity that you might never otherwise meet. 

The Down Side of Internet online romance
One of the major concerns about the Internet is its integral anonymity and impersonality. A woman in New York City placing an ad on an Internet personals site for singles in her area must be prepared to inundated with generic responses such as "Your ad is great. I live in Montana and raise sheep. I am 36 years old, fit, single and very horny. If we met ! ?   I'll love you right. " 

In these instances, the parties have totally different goals and motivations for placing their ads. Some are more interested in quantity (how many ads they can respond to) rather than formulating sincere, quality responses. It's important not to let your hunger to meet someone rush you into anything just because it looks good on screen though. , but there are many women that would believe this man is sincerely interested in only them. 

Let The Games Begin!
The door on Internet dating is wide open for deception and emotional distance. How easy it is to deceive someone about ourselves when we are safely tucked away hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Itís easy to hide our true selves behind the computer terminal and project ourselves to be whatever others want us to be. 

There you are on the receiving end of the projection, infatuated or "in love"? with someone that you've never seen, touched, kissed, argued with, You may believe you have a relationship when all you really have is a well-scripted seduction in HTML form. 

Another difficulty with the Internet is that people feel free to play with different personas. Perhaps the shy guy who rarely dates plays out his fantasies of being a ladies' man; the woman who never uses profanity and rarely speaks up for herself becomes an aggressive, streety smart-mouth while online. 
 And married people may pretend to be single.

For some people it's a bit of fun, and for others :
It's living out their fantasy
Hoping it will fill a void in their  lives

©Steve 2002

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