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Mental & Physical Abuse

I have been a victim of mental & physical abuse 
at the hands of my ex-partner, namely John - aka  Oaky  Wood,
I have mentioned him by name because it is what he deserves
and to let people know exactly what he's like, and what he's capable of
He pretends to be someone he's not,& has most people fooled, by his pretense of being a loving & caring person which he is not,
 as the only one he looks out for is number one.
Playing with my emotions is one thing, but lashing out at me physicaly is something that know one should put up with.
A year after we split, he struck up a friendship with me, just to stop me moving on with my life,& leading me to believe that he cared for me
which wasn't true, as all he wanted was the sexual side, and then he'd ignore me the rest of the time.
So actually it wasn't even a friendship, he was using me, drawing me close & then pushing me away. 
It's as if he was punishing me in some way, for perhaps not always agreeing with him, as he always had to be right ,and know one else should have an opinion ,unless it matched his
 I could never be myself, and speak my mind for fear of him going off on one, so it was a case of put up & shut up 
At the end of the day, it is all abusive  behaviour  &  thankfuly  I'm now out of it, though I really pity his next victim, & there will always be a next victim with people like him.
It becomes a way of life, and he will never be capable of finding love,& happines, because he doesn't feel love or even understand the meaning of it, He will just continue to be a player, using & abusing others

Copyright© Angie 

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