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Mental And Physical Abuse

I have been a victim of mental & physical abuse 
at the hands of my  ex-partner, namely
John- aka ... ...Oaky Wood,  
I have mentioned him by name because it is all he deserves
and to let people know exactly what he's like, and what he's capable of.  Normally I would not have named names, but because I was so badly treated by him, I decided  to.
  I should have learned by now that he will never change & if you've read Angelgirl's Story, then you will understand what I'm talking about. 
He pretends to be someone he's not,& has most people fooled  by his pretense of being a loving & caring person
which he is not, as the only one he looks out for is number one.
Quite some time after we split, he struck up a friendship with me
 just to stop me moving on with my life,& leading me to believe that he cared for me, which wasn't true, as all he wanted was the sexual side, and then he'd ignore me the rest of the time. I was indeed a fool for falling for it a second time   & can fully understand anyone else who falls the same way, as he first gets you on side with his false charm and then the abuse starts.
Playing with my emotions is bad enough,  but physically assaulting me  is something that know one should put up with.  but in his mind he believes everyone should accept it, 

This so called friendship, wasn't even a friendship, he was using me, drawing me close & then pushing me away. 
It's as if he was punishing me in some way, for perhaps not always agreeing with him, as he always had to be right, and no one else should have an opinion, unless it matched his.
 I could never be myself, and speak my mind for fear of him going off on one,& quite often he did, so it was a case of ..put up with it or else.
 If anyone dared to disagree with him he would get so very angry & lash out, both verbally & physically.
   Abusive behaviour is all he knows 
This is the way he's lived his life ,always hurting people around him who care, & always blaming others for his unreasonable behaviour,  
thus making everyone else feel guilty, 
 He will never be capable of love, because he doesn't feel love, or even understand the meaning of it.  He gets bored with just one person after a time, so then moves on to the next .   He will always be a player, using & abusing others.

He is such a
arrogant person, with a  bad attitude
How can anyone respect him ... When he has  know respect for anyone else, not even himself ! 

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