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Our Twin Soul

At the spawn of creation we were torn apart
Sent hurdling through time and space
Both reward and punishment ahead
Destined to be lonely yet not alone
Searching always for something not there
Looking inward for something, so unfair

 Failing to realize that the misery in our life
Was just preparing us for the other
The search, our lords' way of driving us together
The instant recognition at the sound of the others voice
A sudden rush of all our past lives and times of love
Realization that we were brought together from above

Struck by a thunderbolt of love and recognition
Drawn together like a moth to the flame
No longer feeling empty or alone
A sense of warmth and completeness surrounding us
Telling our stories, already knowing the other
Passion pulling us together, intense lover

That first kiss electric as the memories wash over our soul
The initial touch, awakening feelings thought dead
Knowing each other completely, pleasing in every way
Instinctively knowing what to say and when to touch
Waves of love and pleasure cleansing our soul
Search over, our love making us whole

Miserable when apart craving the other
Casting aside our former lives like an old coat
Wrapping ourselves in love and completeness
Finding ways to be together, to touch and kiss
Knowing it has always been this way throughout each life
Misery then recognition, wonderful love of husband and wife

We will be together and share our happiness and love
Living passionately and with desire until we die
Sharing our message of life and love with those around us
Wanting them to never stop their search for the other
Knowing that we will find each other again in the next life
Love living forever in our soul, eternal husband and wife

©Bill Turner

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