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The Moonlight

A Glistening surface with misty white waves, 
A glowing ball producing many streams of light 
That could hit the stars. 
The gloomy walkway was completely 
submerged in total darkness 
From the moon, radiance was shone, 
A milky current of light 
That shone on the dingy path. 
Pale white and sparkling with grace, 
as it scanned the surface of the trail. 
I was out for a stroll in the moonlight 
The wind howled loudly, piercing a hole in the air 
My body shivered, as invisible 
Glacial army of winds shot through me. 
My face was completely encased, and bathed 
In an invisible basin which was filled 
With glinting rays of light from the moon. 
It was a misty jet of radiance that illuminated the dark night. 
A translucent, glossy sphere that floated through mid-air. 
A misty orb that hung loose, igniting a pale light. 
The Moonlight

Giridhar Mohanarangan

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