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Without You

I loved you from the start
I gave you my heart!
You said you'd keep it safe,
and never let it break!

You told me your lies
I didn't  realize,
you thought you were being smart...
but you just broke my heart!

I hope your happy,
you got what you wanted!
you let me go and left me low
but how you made me feel
I guess you'll never know!

The tears I've shed,
for these cruel words in my head!
You made me believe you loved me,
then told me "we're not meant to be"
How could you do that?
Am I really that bad?
It killed me inside,
I guess I'm just sad!

You wrote me a song,
made me feel like someone,
but it didn
't take you long,

to leave me, and 
now I'm no-one!

You're always in my head,
and never off my mind!
All those things you said
its come to an end I'm now dead inside!

I'm sick and bitter now,
with nowhere to go
no-one to catch me as I fall
no-one to hold me tight and not let go!

There's just no point,
I'll just be all alone here,
without you...

©Amy Claxton~~2006

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